Open-Source Syringe Pump Library (PLOS ONE)

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Plos one: Open source syringe pumpCheck out this new article in Plos One about a 3D printed syringe pump. Joshua Pearce is the author of the “Open source Lab” book. Check out his presentation here.
“This article explores a new open-source method for developing and manufacturing high-quality scientific equipment suitable for use in virtually any laboratory. A syringe pump was designed using freely available open-source computer aided design (CAD) software and manufactured using an open-source RepRap 3-D printer and readily available parts. The design, bill of materials and assembly instructions are globally available to anyone wishing to use them.”

The beauty of the squirting Archer Fish

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Peggy Gerullis and Stefan Schuster from the university of Bayreuth (their paper in Current Biology): “By using specifically trained fish, we were able to monitor several aspects of jet production and propagation as the fish fired at targets over a much wider range of distances than previously explored. We show that jets that have to travel farther also live longer. Furthermore, the time needed until water assembles at the jet tip is not fixed. Rather, it is adjusted so that maximum focusing occurs just before impact. Surprisingly, the fish achieve this by modulating the dynamics of changes in the cross-section of their mouth opening, a mechanism that seems to not have been applied yet in human-built nozzles.” Read more about it here.